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Fires in the American West: Niedner operates at full capacity

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This manufacturer of all types of hoses is working hard to meet the high demand of American emergency services.

  As the saying goes: "The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others" could apply in this situation, the director of business development of the Coaticook’s company, Daniel Boisvert, philosopher in another way. "It's true that our factory is running at full capacity, but we can't be happy about what's happening in our southern neighbors," he says. We’ve been around for 125 years. Meeting the needs of the various emergency services in times of crisis is what we do best, and that's what makes our experience shine around the world".

The director prefers not to disclose the increase in his order book, noting however that it is "impressive". "A crisis of this magnitude [that of forest fires], we haven't seen that for at least five years. We can count on our 100 or so employees to get our products out. Obviously, we're experiencing a labour shortage, but I remain confident that with the team in place, we'll be able to meet all of our orders".  [...]

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Source: Vincent Cliche, Le progrès de Coaticook, September 29, 2020  
Archive photo: Le Progrès de Coaticook - Vincent Cliche
Legend: Daniel Boisvert, Director of Business Development

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