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Innotex will open a factory in Montreal

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A fifth plant to manufacture firefighting equipment

As I speak, I'm visiting premises in Montreal's former fashion district," says Claude Barbeau, general manager of INNOTEX, who plans to open a workshop there in September, where the company will employ about 50 people in the first phase. These employees will be dedicated mainly to the production of firefighter clothing.

The demand for personal protective equipment for first responders and firefighters is skyrocketing, says the company, whose sales have grown 15% annually for the past five years. In the regions, it's very difficult to increase the workforce," says Claude Barbeau. You have to look for it where it is available. "That's why INNOTEX and Technofil are forging ties. INNOTEX has just acquired the small manufacturer in Laurierville, which employs about 30 people. "We need production capacity, so we went looking for quality employees to work on our products," explains Claude Barbeau, who wants to support the company's growth.  [...] 


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Source: La Presse+, June 21, 2021
Photo: Innotex


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