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Logistik Unicorp goes from making Air Force uniforms to medical gowns and masks

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Acquisition of new ultrasonic equipment to meet the requirements for sewing disposable gowns


When you already manufacture medical scrubs for the Canadian Army, it’s not a huge leap to washable gowns for Canadian frontline healthcare workers. Still, Logistik Unicorp had to rally its suppliers and invest in new equipment to start producing key items of personal protective equipment now in high demand globally. 

“We are a Canadian company, we’re proud to be Canadian, and we wanted to help,” said Karine Bibeau, vice-president of Sales. “Given that we have the designers, the researchers, it was a small step to do washable isolation gowns using our expertise.”

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Source: SKIES Magazine - April 16, 2020
Photo: Logistik Unicorp



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