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140, rue de Sherbrooke

Cowansville (Québec) J2K 3Y9


+1 450 349-9711 #4332


Eko-Terre specializes in the sustainable development of natural textile fibers, grown and processed in Canada.

Eko-Terre will soon introduce a line of hemp-based textile fibres and fabrics. The main goal of this division is to process Canadian hemp straw into fibre using minimal-impact, modern production methods through “greener” processes and fair social ethics. The finest fibres will be selected to make high-quality garments while the remaining fibres will be used for composite materials.

Sold under the trademark VEGETOMC, Eko-Terre has been developing and selling products made from milkweed fibers since January 2021. 

An ecological and high-performance thermal insulator, our bio-sourced fiber VEGETO is ideal for the manufacture of winter coats, sleeping bags, comforters, mittens and gloves.

  • Producer of vegetable fibres

  • Apparel (uniforms, shoes and accessories)
  • Sport and recreation


  • Québec
  • Canada (outside Québec)
  • United States
  • Europe
  • Asia



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