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TechniTextile Québec, a cluster created in 2017, brings together industrial, technical, scientific and government stakeholders involved in the value chain of technical textile materials in Québec. This cluster's purpose is to foster partnerships with industrial, commercial and institutional organizations to create value, support innovation, boost commercialization and foster job creation from a sustainable development standpoint.

This hub of expertise brings together companies and organizations from different areas of the economy that integrate textiles into their products — primarily the furniture, construction, defence, environmental, civil engineering, recreational, medical, safety, sports, transportation and technical clothing sectors.

With the support of many industry executives and representatives, the TechniTextile Québec team and its Board of Directors lead collaborative and innovative projects in line with its action plan. The organization put in place two working groups for the Construction and Furniture sector and the Safety and Defence sector (including personal protective equipment). This cluster also aims to increase the visibility of Québec textiles, here and abroad, and bolster access to its technical expertise and support services.


To be identified, to stand out from imports

In order to promote and facilitate the purchase of value-added textiles manufactured or processed in Québec, Technitextile Québec created the Bien d’iciTM logo.

This designation allows all those who wish to source locally and benefit from Québec expertise to better identify products manufactured in Québec.

By affixing the Bien d'ici - Local Goods logo to one of its products, the company certifies that it meets our eligibility criteria.


A concerted approach

TechniTextile Québec has adopted the ACCORD approach: a government strategy for regional economic development. The Ministry of Economy and Innovation is responsible for its implementation. The purpose of ACCORD is to enable Québec regions to stand out as hubs of specific industrial skills recognized worldwide. This approach is based on regional strengths as well as the mobilization and agility of business people in the regions.


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