In the Québec sports and recreation sector, there are more than 20 companies that produce textile products, equipment, clothing and gear. There are several mills, weavers and knitters.

These companies primarily manufacture hockey equipment, including socks, sticks, jerseys and protective gear (goalie pads, for example), fitness equipment, wool socks, compression socks, leggings, sports bags, bike bags, tents, sports uniforms, RV cargo carrier bags, outdoor clothing and accessories.

Today's sports and recreation activities require high-performance equipment and clothing that combine comfort and convenience. Textiles for this sector have many properties, such as noise and vibration absorption, humidity control, durability, elasticity, waterproofing, lightness, weatherproofing, malleability, thermal control and resistance to corrosion, fire, collisions, punctures and high temperatures. In addition to their antibacterial and anti-odour properties, these clothes are supportive, extra comfortable and low maintenance.

Nonwoven, weaving and knitting are the most common textile processes for developing sports and recreational textiles. In this sector, finishes include coating, printing, rolling and dyeing.

A number of companies, in collaboration with CTT Group, have developed considerable expertise in composite materials that use reinforcements such as aramid, basalt, carbon, epoxy, natural fibres, Innegra and glass. Composite materials can also be found in skis, snowboards, skateboards, water skis and more.A number of companies have developed high-performance technical products and textile materials for the sports and recreation sector, namely CDRM, Créations Morin, Dristex, DurayFilSpec, Guillemot International, Hudson Supplies, Mondor, Moov Activewear, Oratex, Porcupine Canvas, QSD, Quartz Co., Ranger GroupRegitex, SP (Apparel), Texonic and Textiles Monterey.

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