With its 400 companies that are specialized in technical textile and its derivatives, Québec’s textile industry represents more than 50% of the overall Canadian textile production business. 

Through innovation programs, research, and development, these companies have built strong renowned brands, both in Canada and abroad. Their trademarked products have undergone a rigorous process of certification or patenting.

The textile industry serves many sectors, including agriculture, civil engineering, clothing construction, defence, environmental, furniture, industrial, medical, packaging, recreation, personal protection, safety, sports and transportation.
The technical textile industry creates more than 10 000 jobs directly and 35 000 indirectly. The networking between companies and CSMO Textile, CTT Group, mmodeVestechpro, Vêtement Québec and universities make innovation crucial to their research, development and collaborative projects. Inter-niche and inter-sectoral partnerships also contribute to the development of advanced technical textile materials.


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