Some 15 Québec companies specialize in the manufacture of high-performance products that meet technical requirements and standards specific to industrial applications.

Technical textile products and materials have diverse applications in the industrial sector: conveyors, filaments and fabrics for the pulp and paper industry, specialized yarns, filters and filter bags for air, water and gas, compression fittings, gaskets, roofing membranes, specialized telecommunications protectors, floor coverings, industrial sling straps, garage and loading dock sealants, roof flashing, flexible ventilation systems, bridge decks, tents and tarpaulins, butterfly valves and more!

These textiles are, depending on their function, absorbent, antibacterial, anti-slip, anti-fatigue, antifungal, antistatic, anti-perspiration, electrical conductors, ergonomic, waterproof, insulative and flexible as well as resistant to wear, electric arcs, combustion, cuts, tears, UV degradation, heating, humidity, weather and chemical penetration.

Companies that manufacture filters and filter bags have developed nonwoven expertise. Weaving, knitting, calendering, direct coating, transfer coating, polymerization and rubber blending are also textile processes that companies use in the industrial sector. Rolling and coating are used to finish products. This sector is also known for its highly technological spinners, which use techniques such as ring spinning, air and freewheel spinning, spandex core threading and rigid stranding.

AstenJohnson, Belt-TechDristex, Duvaltex, Feltkütur, Fibres Jasztex, FilSpec, Filterfab, Garlock Canada, Glatfelter Gatineau, Groupe Axess, Lemieux SpinningNatproNature Fibres, Noriske, RegitexStedfast, TexelTextiles Monterey and Texonic are some of the companies in this sector.

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