Québec's construction and furniture sector is made up of some forty companies that mainly manufacture synthetic carpets and rugs, fabric for office furniture, chairs, armchairs, sofas, acoustic panels and dividers, wall coverings, bedding, decorating products, curtains, plus panels and membranes for roofs, walls and floors.

The companies in this sector stand out for their high level of specialization. For example, carpet and upholstery manufacturers — which favour a vertical integration model — can control different stages of the value chain, adapting existing products, personalizing them or creating new products according to the needs and technical specifications of their customers.

Technical textile materials have properties resistant to wear, toxic air contaminants and fire, including acoustic, antibacterial, anti-slip, anti-mould, anti-stain, waterproof, insulative, dirt-resistant, volatile organic compound (VOC)-free, phthalate-free and UV protection.

Many manufacturing materials, including needle-punched, chemical and thermal nonwoven fabric, are involved in the production of acoustic panels and dividers, furniture and mattress padding materials, woven and knitted mattress fabric, as well as woven and tufted synthetic carpets and rugs. Specialized spinners and weavers are prevalent in this sector.

Duvaltex, Venture Carpets, Texel and Soprema Canada have impressive facilities and equipment dedicated to research and development. Trade between these companies and CTT Group make it possible to develop high-performance textiles — in addition to finding new applications for existing products.

Companies in this sector participate in a circular economy conducive to sustainable development, particularly through textile upgrades and reuse.

Some of the major companies in Québec's construction and furniture sector include Artofix, Beaulieu Canada, Duvaltex, FeltküturFilSpecGeo. Sheard FabricsGroupe Axess, Lemieux SpinningNature FibresRegitex, RJAM, Soleno Textile, Soprema CanadaTextiles PatlinVenture Carpets and Textiles Monterey

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