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Feltkütur, which is pronounced "felt" "couture" as in "haute-couture", is a creation of the Industrial platform at Texel Technical Materials, Inc.


Work office environment is changing

FELTKÜTUR responds to this challenge by providing concrete answers in terms of a creative, dynamic and flexible work environment, while integrating acoustic solutions.

The use of Düotex-Tahmea acoustic panels on the walls, in the form of acoustic tiles, reduces the speed of sound reverberation and promotes acoustic comfort in workplaces. In addition to being unequalled in terms of sound absorption due to its large size, it offers the possibility of adapting the space to several furnishing solutions with great dynamism and variety.

Made from recyclable polyester fibers, the Düotex panels are very effective in sound insulation. The flexible composition of the panels allows the best possible absorption of sounds of different frequencies. The acoustic performances are adjustable according to their disposition. The Düotex panels are available in 6.4mm or 12mm.

And that's not all: the mixture of different fibers gives them a very characteristic surface. This gives you the benefit of efficient and stylish acoustic felt panels.

To improve your comfort, your productivity, and your quality of life, Feltkütur acoustic panels can become your ally by making it easier for you to marry functionality with a touch of design.


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