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VENTURE CARPETS specializes in the design and manufacturing of textile floor coverings. Located in Saint-Georges de Beauce (Québec), the company is now part of the local heritage and history of Beauce. Founded in 1928 by businessman Édouard Lacroix, Venture Carpets, formerly known as Woollen Mills, has been able to adapt to change to meet our customers’ needs.

With four production plants, we design our products from A to Z, from yarn creation to finishing. This allows us to have full quality control and to offer a personalized service and products.

Our design philosophy goes far beyond just designing floor coverings
We are aware that our products are part of a whole, of a living environment inhabited by humans. This environment undeniably influences the quality of life of those who live in it, whether consciously or not. Therefore, our approach is first and foremost holistic and collaborative.

Our team of designers is well equipped to guide you in your projects. Our expertise and technologies will be used to develop unique and customized floor coverings that will enhance your architectural and design interventions.

Our goal is to collaborate with you in the design of spaces that will meet the highest standards in terms of design, environment, and health.


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