The security, defence and personal protection sector includes more than 50 Québec companies, mainly in manufacturing.

These companies specialize in the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), technical textile materials and high-performance industrial garments for security personnel, police, firefighters, soldiers as well as petrochemical, mining and food industry workers. Most develop protective gloves, technical undergarments, smart fabrics with sensors and protective clothing against chemicals and food bacteria that are resistant to fats and fuels.

These textiles have properties against abrasion, heat, cuts, fire, extreme cold, chemicals, petrochemicals and pathogens, including antibacterial, waterproof, weatherproof, insulative and impact-resistant qualities, for products such as bulletproof jackets. These textiles, for example, also offer UV protection and breathability.

Companies in this sector benefit from a strong value chain in terms of manufacturing and finishing. They make textile products from non-woven, woven and knitted materials. Finishes include dyeing, printing, coating and rolling.

Québec companies working in this sector include Dristex, DurayDuvaltex, Fibres Jasztex, FilSpec, Guillemot International, Hudson SuppliesInnotex, Logistik Unicorp, Megasecur, Natpro, Niedner, Noriske, Oratex, Regitex, Shefford TextilesSilverClear (Technologies TransTex), Stedfast, Texonic and Textiles Monterey.

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