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Certified high-performance protective fabrics



Resulting from the merger of Textiles Monterey, Texonic, Filspec and Lincoln Fabrics, Monterey Group today is the leading integrated Canadian manufacturer.


MONTEREY GROUP manufactures textiles with fire-retardant, medical, antimicrobial, disinfectant, ballistic protection, anti-abrasive, hydrophilic and many other properties. It is the leading integrated supplier of the protective fabric and uniform markets in Canada.

The Québec company, which also has operations in the United States (Lincoln Fabrics in Alabama), is one of the three major suppliers of woven ballistic protection solutions in North America. Millions of workers worldwide are protected by clothing or uniforms manufactured by us. They include firefighters, police and riot squad officers, soldiers, medical personnel, linemen, welders and workers in the oil and gas sector.

Monterey Group can develop and manufacturer value-added textile materials, fiber and fabric for an extremely wide range of applications and markets. In 2020, Monterey Group acquired Filspec, a Québec spinning mill recognized for the quality and creativity of its products. This last acquisition allowed it to consolidate its spinning activities with its highly diversified weaving, finishing and printing operations. The company is now very strongly positioned to increase its competitiveness and pursue its worldwide growth.


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