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STEDFAST is a world leader in protective barrier technologies since its founding in 1930.  Headquartered in Granby, Quebec, Stedfast has been producing innovative coated and laminated technical textiles for 90 years; serving multiple specialized markets which include first responders, medical PPE, industrial and military applications, including chemical and biological resistant textiles.

Our business is built on a Passion to Protect.  Every member of the Stedfast team is passionate about ensuring we provide the best in multifunctional barrier materials, because we believe in protecting those who protect us. 

Our Stedair® waterproof and breathable barriers are designed with a new technology that enhances protection and comfort.  The Stedair® membrane's bi-component technology consists of a microporous film of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE - commonly known as Teflon®) combined with a monolithic film of polyurethane. The microporous component of the film has the distinctive ability to allow high rates of water vapor transmission (breathability), while providing excellent hydrostatic resistance (waterproofness).

The overall technology allows for high water vapor transmission because the vapor molecules are small enough to diffuse freely through the voids of the membrane while the water molecules are too large to penetrate the membrane.

Whether manufacturing high performance fabrics for the Department of National Defence, first responders, law enforcement or industrial applications, Stedfast is committed to keeping its users protected and offering the best and most dependable products available.  Keeping people safe is a core value of the family-owned business.


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