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Quartz Co., a young local manufacturing company, opened its first store

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The location also hosts a repair shop and small atelier

  Montreal is the location of the first store of the Canadian outerwear brand Quartz Co.. Blanchette Architects were hired for the puristically designed 500 sqm store, who designed an interplay of lights, mirrors, grilles and screens, with furniture by Rainville Sangaré rounding it all off. The double reflection through the mirrored walls allows the customer to see different views when trying on Quartz Co. products.

There is also an atelier and repair shop on the premises, which can be seen from the street and is intended to emphasize that Quartz Co. produces locally. This in turn is reflected in the design of the space, which uses primarily ash, the most common wood species on the island of Montreal.

"We see this room as a kind of laboratory. Our goal is to open more Quartz Co. stores around the world in the coming years. As part of this exercise, we needed to take into account the new reality of retail, including a multi-channel brand experience, a high-end concept, a showroom-like atmosphere and a personalized service strategy," says Francis Guindon, director of global marketing and communication.

There is also news on the product side with the launch of the Forward Collection, which contains recycled textile fibers. According to Quartz Co., the recycled upper (Repreve) is dyed in a sustainable process certified by Bluesign. The breathable, water and wind resistant fabric is made from plastic bottles.  [...]

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Source: Sabine Kühnl, Sportswear International, November 27, 2020
Credit photo: Ben Pelosse 
Legend: Jean-Philippe Robert, president, Quartz Co.



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